T3A:Online - The Return of BFME Multiplayer

T3A:Online is a custom online server for the Battle for Middle-earth series. We currently support BFME1 and BFME2, with RotWK support coming soon. T3A:Online integrates seamlessly into your BFME experience by requiring no third party software and allowing you to log in through the game's online interface and play against your friends and foes through our T3A:Online server.

T3A:Online supports The Battle for Middle-earth and The Battle for Middle-earth II.
A release for The Rise of the Witch-king will follow in the near future!

BFME2 players that are looking for opponents or allies to play with may join this community Skype group to arrange games.






2016/12/29 - T3A:Online Ladder Upgrade
We've updated our Quickmatch Ladder system on our Ladders website. Recently, we've reached over 1500 Quickmatch games that were played with our simulator, keep it up!
Brand new:

  • A 3vs3 Ladder for BFME1
  • BFME2 Ladder support
  • Player profiles and Ladder Awards
  • ... and many more subtle changes


What works:

  • Chat (in the chatroom, hosting lobby and in-game)
  • Hosting and joining games
  • Adding buddies and chatting with them (Ctrl+Enter)

What doesn't work yet:

  • Quick Match
  • Stats
  • Ladders


Full support is provided in the T3A:Online support forums.
If you are experiencing installation issues, read this installation topic.
If you are experiencing connection issues, read this connection topic.

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