Frequently Asked Questions

What is T3A:Online?
T3A:Online restores the online functionality of the BFME franchise. We currently support BFME1 and BFME2 and are working on RotWK. T3A:Online is the simplest and cleanest way of playing BFME online as it is fully integrated into the original game and does little more than revive and redirect BFME online multiplayer onto a new and active server.
How can I start using T3A:Online?
Please read the setup instructions carefully.
What are the advantages of T3A:Online as opposed to using other software (GameRanger, Hamachi, Tunngle, etc.)?
The main difference between T3A:Online and the above mentioned programs is that T3A:Online is not third party software and is created exclusively for the BFME games. Once you've finished setting up T3A:Online, all you will ever have to do is start up BFME (or a modification) and navigate to the Online interface.
Can I use mods when playing online with T3A:Online?
Absolutely. T3A:Online is seamlessly integrated into your BFME game, and you can log in to our servers using whatever mod you wish. The community around T3A:Online started out as a modding community, and the T3A:Online Tournament forum contains subforums tailored specifically for a variety of mods. Remember that your opponent will also need to have the same version of the same mod installed!
Is T3A:Online compatible with third-party launchers (Desura, mod managers, etc.)?
Yes, there are no issues when launching the game using Desura or one of the many mod managers out there.
Is T3A:Online a paid service?
No. Registering at Revora, downloading the T3A:Online Installer, and logging into our server is and always will be completely free of charge. Of course we appreciate donations to keep our infrastructure running.
I lost my CD-key. Can I still use T3A:Online?
Yes, T3A:Online can not differentiate between authentic and forged CD-keys.
I never played on EA's original servers. Can I still use T3A:Online?
Yes. In fact, the creator of this software also never played on EA's servers :D

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